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Getting Started with the API

Getting an API key and downloading the documentation are the first two steps in starting with the Legentic APIs.

Getting the API key

In order to obtain an API key your company needs to have signed terms and agreements and fair use policy related to the API usage. After that, you can obtain a personal API key.

You can get your API key by sending an email to: support@legentic.com

Reading the documentation

Together with the API key a documentation document will be shared that contains the relevant paths and endpoints that you can find an use in the API. 

Download the YML file on your local machine and go to swagger editor https://editor.swagger.io/ On the upper left-hand corner, press file -> import file, choose the documentation you just downloaded (or use the search), and press open.

On the right-hand side, you can see the "authorize" button with a lock icon on it. Press that input your country-specific API key there and press authorize.

After that, you can see all the relevant endpoints and interact with them locally.