Update a Case

Of course, cases can also be updated using our API.

Similar to the creation of a case, we can update a case. Our system knows which case to update, by matching on existing open case with the received object_data__vin and object_data__license_plate:

Updating data

The client sends all updated data, together with mandatory data.

  • The system verifies if there are open cases with the provided object_data__vin and provided object_data__license_plate.

Note: Open case means it is not in status “Solved”, “Won’t fix”, “Invoice”

  • If the system finds one open cases with both object_data__vin and object_data__license_plate, that case will be updated with the data received through the API

The API can update only fields that are empty in the existing case or the following fields:

  • case_number

  • object_owner__name

  • object_owner__email

  • object_owner__phone_number

Data processing

The system processes the data.

  • If some of the data cannot be interpreted, it is considered as invalid data and is sent to customer service via email.

  • If there is no invalid data, but the data cannot be transformed into a case with some unknown errors, all the data is sent to customer service via email.

  • The customer service receives the mail with all the data or the invalid data and tries to manually save it into a case.

Similarly to creating a case, the invalid data is also saved in the case notes for further manual processing.

  • Note: If either one of object_owner__email or object_owner__phone_number is invalid, it is not saved into case notes for GDPR reasons. But it is sent to customer service for manual processing.

Finally, the data is transformed into a case by the system.

Steps (overview)

  1. Send information to an "open" case.
  2. Let the system process the data.
  3. The case is updated in the system.