Getting started with the Investigate API

How to connect to the Legentic Investigate API

The Investigate API allows users to seamlessly integrate Legentic data into their own processes, mirroring the Investigate module's behavior in the user interface. It enables users to conduct searches primarily using hard identifiers such as license plate numbers, VIN numbers, and telephone numbers. The API returns any relevant documents associated with the provided identifier and sends the data in JSON format for easy integration into customers' systems.


The Investigate API needs to be enabled by Legentic, therefore reach out to your customer success manager to enable the service.

When the service is enabled you can Configure the API from the Integrations section in the Legentic Platform.

Quick start

The Investigate API is documented under the Quick Start tab where you land if you press configure. Here you will find an elaborate description of the API combined with URL and different endpoints.

You can also test the request and response from within the platform if you can Authorize within the platform. Alternatively you will also be able to download the YAML file. 


Under the credentials tab you can create your own API key. The API key will be active immediately and ready to use for API communication.


The usage can be found in the last tab. There is a slight delay in the total number but it gives a good overview of how many requests have been made on the API.

Search Queries

The search_term field works similar to the search bar within the Legentic Investigate module. Meaning you can search in free text format or apply advanced operators to be more specific in what you search. One of the examples you can use is to search for a specific license plate, e.g. plate:123ABC Other examples can be found here: